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Bygone Chelsea 1905-99

Bygone Chelsea 1905-99 was set up four years ago by Mark Lauri and Simon Cross who still remain. I got involved three years ago and began to produce various features, such as the ‘On This Day’ where I cover a game from a date that coincides with a current Chelsea game. I use my extensive programme collection as well as a massive newspaper archive. I have a hard copy of a match report from virtually every game Chelsea have ever played but I can’t claim credit for collating it. That goes to the wonderful Peter Wollaston, who was known to sometimes go home from the British Library over 40 years. I purchased the collection a couple of years ago and I am the current guardian of this archive. Mark and Simon felt I had taken the group to a whole new level and after taking a step back they handed it to me.

With the help of Nathan Whitehouse, who is now steering the Graves Society, Phil Carter in Norway and Charlie Brooks-Watson in London, we have created a group that has gained enormous respect among Chelsea supporters, many describing it as the best one in existence. The aim is to tell the story of Chelsea Football Club from 1905-1999, it’s players and officials. We also tell the story of Stamford Bridge, and numerous articles have been posted re the athletics, speedway and other sports that have taken place within the stadium.

We support the wonderful work being done by our sister group, The Chelsea Graves Society and like them, really appreciate being given this opportunity to spread the work that we do to a wider audience.

Although I’m a Yorkshire lad born and bred, I have supported Chelsea for almost 52 years.

Bygone Chelsea 1905-99
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