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Chelsea Chadder

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Chad is a 5th generation Blues fan, proud father and fortunate husband. His children are 6th generation with his youngest son having Stamford as a middle name. Chad is a season ticket holder in the Matthew Harding Stand and has been attending regularly since his dad took him to his 1st game back in 1990.

At the age of 15, Chad did work experience at Chelsea Football Club and met Ruud Gullit in a lift. He gave him the inspiration needed to get his only ‘A’ in a piece of writing at school.

Chad has built a name for himself in the world of Twitter mainly thanks to his extensive database of Chelsea games, players, goals and historical moments. Like his book, the database is a labour of love with the aim of giving old and new fans something to talk about when they get together.


Follow Chad on Twitter @ChelseaChadder

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