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My name is Paul Carter and my website is


I have been a Chelsea fan since the age of roughly 9 and my first visit to Stamford Bridge was with my dad, on my 10th birthday, watching Chelsea beat Norwich City 3-1 on 9th December 1972


Jump ahead 30 years and having been restricted for the most part to following the team from afar in the press and on TV, I started getting a lot more interested in the history of the team.  This was kind of at the beginning of the internet as we know it today and I would get very frustrated at the lack of information available “online”.  If I wanted to find stuff out, I had to buy books and so, I thought in a moment of rashness, if there’s nothing there, why not make it myself!  And so the project began.


I began with the Hockings/Cheshire book “Ninety Years of The Blues” and over the following year or so, I started building my database, transcribing all the games, starting with the basic matches, dates, scores, scorers etc. and latterly adding the Chelsea line-ups, opposition scorers, referees etc.


After a few years of keeping it to myself, I finally took the plunge, purchased a domain, learned how to transfer my database into an online version, learned php & html and built the site you see today.  I have continued to add information as well as continuing to keep it up to date with the latest matches, signings etc.


Over the last 9 or 10 years I have been lucky enough to spend a lot more time following the team in person and in doing so, have met a load of new friends and acquaintances.  It has been very gratifying to hear that so many of them have routinely used my site to find information.  This ultimately led to talking with Nathan who expressed his wishes to start the Graves Society.  I was able to provide him with the info he needed from my database and that in turn has now led us both to the Trust and the creation of the Chelsea Heritage Partnership.


My site is continually evolving and slowly but surely, the information it holds is becoming accepted as the facts.  In my mind, I like nothing more than being told something on my site is incorrect and getting the chance to prove or disprove it with the tools that are now available to us, that weren’t to those that came before us.  Correcting names, dates of birth/death, goal scorers etc. etc.  It is so good that I am now in touch with so many people of the same mind and we can now start agreeing & correcting errors of the past and letting everyone know accurately about the history of our great club.



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