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Club Match Attendance History

Paul Waterhouse considers the club’s match attendance history

Ever since 2003 when we were perceived to be a threat by our paranoid friends in red on Murkeyside we have had to put up with the constant jibes of “No history” and “No fans”

In terms of trophies there is no argument from me but the “No fans” thing has always amused me. I’ve had many an argument with a family member over the subject who simply refuses to acknowledge the bare facts and he has this irritating habit of maintaining a social distance if you catch my drift. I have therefore compiled a list of attendances at Stamford Bridge that surpass the record crowd for a Liverpool game at Anfield.

The record for a League fixture at Anfield is 58,757 against Chelsea (who else) in 1949-50. Here then, are the League attendances at Stamford Bridge that have surpassed Liverpool’s best.

1905-06 v Manchester United 67,0001909-10 v Newcastle United. 70,0001912-13 v Aston Villa. 65,0001913-14 v Tottenham Hotspur 61,5001913-14 v Aston Villa. 65,0001919-20 v Everton. 60,0001919-20 v Arsenal. 60,0001919-20 v Aston Villa. 70,0001920-21 v Tottenham Hotspur76,0001920-21 v Arsenal. 60,0001921-22 v Tottenham Hotspur.60,0001921-22 v Middlesbrough. 67,0001921-22 v Cardiff City. 65,0001921-22 v Aston Villa. 59,5571930-31 v Arsenal. 75,3341931-32 v Arsenal. 64,4271932-33 v Arsenal. 74,1901933-34 v Tottenham Hotspur.67,4541935-36 v Arsenal. 82,9051935-36 v Sunderland. 61,0511936-37 v Charlton Athletic. 64,4631937-38 v Arsenal. 75,9521938-39 v Arsenal. 64,2561946-47 v Bolton Wanderers 62,8501946-47 v Charlton Athletic. 64,4581946-47 v Stoke City. 68,1891946-47 v Aston Villa. 65,1851946-47 v Arsenal. 70,2571947-48 v Derby County. 59,9191947-48 v Aston Villa. 64,5001947-48 v Arsenal. 67,2771947-48 v Manchester City. 64,3961948-49 v Blackpool. 77,6961948-49 v Manchester United62,5421948-49 v Derby County. 60,2991949-50 v Arsenal. 63,1961949-50 v Derby County. 59,0361949-50 v Manchester United61,3571950-51 v Tottenham Hotspur65,9921951-52 v Arsenal. 59,1431952-53 v Wolverhampton W. 63,7811952-53 v Tottenham Hotspur62,6931952-53 v Arsenal. 72,6141953-54 v Arsenal. 60,6521953-54 v Cardiff City. 61,3361953-54 v Wolverhampton W. 60,2761953-54 v Manchester City. 59,7941954-55 v Everton. 59,1991954-55 v West Bromwich A. 67,4401954-55 v Arsenal. 65,9921954-55 v Wolverhampton W. 75,0431957-58 v Arsenal. 66,0071958-59 v Tottenham Hotspur59,1831958-59 v Wolverhampton W. 62,1181959-60 v Manchester United66,5791959-60 v Tottenham Hotspur67,8191959-60 v Wolverhampton W. 61,5691959-60 v Aston Villa. 66,6711962-63 v Stoke City. 66,1991964-65 v Manchester United.60,7691964-65 v Liverpool. 62,5871965-66 v Manchester United.60,2691968-69 v Manchester United.60,4361969-70 v Manchester United. 61,4791970-71 v Tottenham Hotspur. 61,277

So, that’s sixty five crowds at Stamford Bridge in the League that have surpassed Liverpool’s best. But we’re not finished yet.

Anfield’s all time record is 61,905 for an F.A.Cup tie against Wolverhampton Wanderers in 1951-52. Here are the F.A. Cup attendances for Chelsea games at Stamford Bridge that have surpassed even this.

1910-11 v Swindon Town. 77,9521919-20 v Swindon Town. 67,0541922-23 v Southampton 67,1051926-27 v Burnley. 63,2381926-27 v Cardiff City. 70,1841930-31 v Arsenal. 62,4751930-31 v Birmingham City. 74,3651938-39 v Fulham. 69,9871945-46 v West Ham United 65,7261945-46 v Aston Villa. 65,3071949-50 v Newcastle United. 64,6641949-50 v Manchester United. 70,3621950-51 v Fulham. 69,4341963-64 v Tottenham Hotspur. 70,1231964-65 v Tottenham Hotspur. 63,2051964-65 v Peterborough United.63,635

So, that’s sixteen crowds at Stamford Bridge in the F.A.Cup that have surpassed Liverpool’s best. All in all that’s eighty one attendances in League and Cup matches at Stamford Bridge that have bettered anything seen at Anfield.

One game I haven’t added is the Moscow Dynamo game in 1945. Although the club gave a figure of 74,496 the attendance was much higher and it was a friendly.

Just to put the boot in as well, Liverpool’s best in Europe is 55,104 v Barcelona in 1975-66. Chelsea’s is 59,541 v A.C. Milan in 1965-66. As far as I know this list is accurate, so please feel free to print this off and the next time a scouser prattles on about “no fans.” waft the list under his nose.

Reproduced with permission from Paul Waterhouse, Bygone Chelsea 1905-99

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